Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Flood at the Border Sinks Biden

The Phyllis Schlafly Report
By John and Andy Schlafly

President Biden avoids and keeps far away from our nation’s wide-open southern border, where 200,000 people from all over the world crossed illegally last month and every month since Biden took office almost 30 months ago. But his chief Democrat rival, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., went to the border town of Yuma, Arizona on June 6, and had some choice words for Biden’s failed policy.

It was like a dystopian nightmare,” Kennedy said, “with all of these desperate people flooding across the wall, in a situation that clearly could have been prevented. People from all over the world, from Africa, from Uzbekistan, from Senegal, from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Tibet, India, Bangladesh, Peru, Colombia, we saw all of these people, these hundreds and hundreds of people coming across.

We’ve watched about 150 people come across in the last hour,” Kennedy continued. “Altogether, people have come across right here from 117 nations in the last couple of years. In 3 years, in total, 7 million people have come across the border illegally into our country.

And from here, they’re put on these buses, and they’re brought to the border patrol station where they’re processed. After four or five days, they’re released on their own recognizance into our country, and most of them are never seen or heard from again.”

Where did all these millions of foreigners go after they were turned loose by the Biden administration? A clue is provided by a shocking new study from the Center for Immigration Studies, which finds that students from immigrant-led households comprise 23% of public school enrollment nationwide, and in many regions the proportion is more than 65%.

Thousands of miles away, New Hampshire public schools are harmed by the immigration deluge. Next door in Massachusetts, the percentage of public students who are in immigrant households has jumped 13 to 28% in the last 30 years.

There should not be any illegal fentanyl in New Hampshire, but gangs profiting from drugs and human smuggling distribute that deadly drug to every state. Choking off that deadly traffic is preeminent on the minds of New Hampshire voters who will soon screen the presidential candidates of both parties.

This is not a good thing for our country,” Bobby Kennedy Jr. said after his first-hand, on-site inspection of the crisis at the border. “It is unsustainable.”

Liberals have been perplexed by how endless lawsuits and contrived indictments of Donald Trump have not slowed him down, or even made a dent in his popularity. The many reasons for Trump’s political invincibility include his unwavering commitment to America being for Americans, not foreigners.

Speaking in Columbus, Georgia, on June 10, Trump vowed that “I will immediately cancel every open-borders policy of the Biden Administration. I will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”

And to further deter illegal immigration,” Trump continued, “I will sign a Day One Executive Order ending automatic citizenship for children of illegal aliens.” Contrary to some uninformed pundits, the foolish policy of extending birthright citizenship to illegal aliens is not required by any law or court decision.

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court dropped the ball by declaring that they would not force President Biden to stop the illegal immigration that is overwhelming our states, institutions, and communities. With only Justice Alito dissenting, the Court ruled that the courts are powerless to order President Biden and his minions to obey the laws that require him to refuse entry, detain, and deport illegal migrants.

But then on Sunday, the people of Greece delivered the opposite verdict as they handed a landslide victory to the Trump-like candidate who has cracked down against illegal immigration there. His victory was by the largest margin in Greece in a half-century, and three new political parties even more conservative did well enough to win seats in its parliament.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis won by promising to extend a border fence to a region where many migrants are currently sneaking into Greece. A week earlier, voters in the traditionally liberal Finland elected what was described as “the most right-wing government ever ... taking a hard line on … immigration.”

The previously immigrant-welcoming countries of Denmark and Sweden have also shifted sharply to the right on this issue in recent years. Denmark’s current policies include imprisonment of illegal aliens with solitary confinement and seizure of assets, in order to deter migrants from entering that small country illegally.

The worldwide populist uprising against open borders is a harbinger of our own presidential election next year. On this issue, Biden is hopelessly out of touch with the American people, and he is sure to be defeated by Trump, unless the effective campaigning by RFKJr causes Biden to withdraw first.

John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the continuing Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations with writing and policy work.

These columns are also posted on PhyllisSchlafly.com, pseagles.com, and Townhall.com.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Veto Rampage in Texas Discredits Anti-Trumpers

The Phyllis Schlafly Report
By John and Andy Schlafly

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed more than 75 bills before Sunday night’s deadline, mostly sponsored by conservative Texas state senators. Never before in the 178-year history of Texas has its governor vetoed so many bills passed by his own party.

Texas Republicans would override most of these vetoes if they could, but the legislature was required by the state constitution to adjourn in May until 2025. Tens of thousands of hours of work that went into all these bills were washed away by Abbott’s retaliatory strike against conservatives.

One of the bills that Gov. Abbott vetoed was SB 335, authored by conservative state Sen. Dr. Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown). It passed the state senate by a unanimous vote of 31-0, and passed the state house by an overwhelming 119 to 19.

This bill sought to require the Texas Family and Protective Services Council, which makes recommendations to the notorious Department of Family and Protective Services, to post online videos of its meetings so that the public can see what they are doing at taxpayer expense. Yet Abbott vetoed this with a petulant message about an unrelated issue.

Another bill sponsored by one of the most conservative Texas legislators, Sen. Tan Parker (R-Flower Mound), would have authorized studying the conversion of coal-fired energy plants into cleaner nuclear plants. SB 1404 passed the senate unanimously 31-0 and passed the house nearly unanimously, yet was likewise vetoed by Abbott with the same peevishness.

Meanwhile, Abbott has refused to endorse Donald Trump for president despite using Trump’s endorsement of him to overcome a primary challenge to his reelection last year by two conservatives, former U.S. Rep. Allen West and state Sen. Don Huffines. Trump’s endorsement and a hoard of cash from wealthy donors enabled Abbott to survive his primary.

More than two-thirds of the oil and gas donations went to Abbott rather than all the other Texas Republican statewide candidates combined. There are no campaign contribution limits in Texas, so Abbott panders to multi-million-dollar donors from whom he has raised far more money than any other Texan in history.

Despite being reelected by Trump’s endorsement last year, Abbott’s refusal to endorse him now has the effect of limiting donations by these Texas mega-donors to Trump’s campaign and Trump-supporting PACs. A few anti-Trump billionaires and their egotistical mindset are making it easier for Joe Biden to win reelection next year.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who leads the Texas Senate, prominently endorsed Trump earlier this year. That endorsement may not have sat well with the Never-Trump Republicans, including Abbott, and some view his veto rampage as a retaliation against Patrick.

Lt. Gov. Patrick pointed out that Abbott vetoed some bills as retaliation against conservative Texas Sen. Paul Bettencourt, who has been a leader in the effort to stop rampant election fraud in Harris County (Houston). “This is targeted vetoing of bills that have nothing to do with the issue at hand except Paul Bettencourt is the author of those bills,” Patrick said last Thursday in disgust.

Abbott has hurt the Republican Party in Texas with his dictator-like vetoes of many good bills based merely on who sponsored them. Even some Democrats criticize Abbott’s conduct, as State Sen. Sarah Eckhardt (D-Austin) observed about Abbott’s veto of her bipartisan bill, “This was NOT Vetoed on POLICY.”

Abbott’s retaliatory vetoes reflect how closely he is tied to RINO mega-donors frustrated by the lack of enactment of their preferred type of property tax reform. These RINO billionaires failed to provide needed financial support for Trump in 2020, and our country cannot afford a repeat of their treachery again next year.

While campaigning against Abbott more than a year ago, Allen West aired a campaign ad standing next to the unfinished border wall in Texas. West rhetorically wondered why Abbott has accomplished so little to secure the border, despite being governor for nearly a decade.

Our entire country suffers enormously from Abbott’s unwillingness and ineffectiveness about the Texas border with Mexico. Thousands pour over that Texas-Mexico border every day, bringing drugs with them that spread throughout our country.

Only a few good bills, such as the overwhelmingly popular ban on male-bodied transgenders invading women’s sports, and a ban on minors being subjected to life-altering transgender procedures, were signed into law by Gov. Abbott, who was not the real leader on either one. Nothing meaningful was supported or signed by Abbott to stem the tidal wave of illegal migrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border.

No Republican can win a future presidential election without winning Texas, yet Abbott is harming the GOP’s reputation with voters there by taking the party in the wrong direction. Governing for the benefit of a handful of oligarchs while retaliating against conservative legislators is a recipe for a long-term political disaster.

John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the continuing Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations with writing and policy work.

These columns are also posted on PhyllisSchlafly.com, pseagles.com, and Townhall.com.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Left’s war against parental rights

Ed Martin writes:
An ideological campaign has taken shape, from schools and statehouses to courtrooms and even in to the White House, to push parents out of fundamental decisions involving their children and thus to destroy parental rights.

The Biden Administration is leading the charge. President Joe Biden himself has said, “There is no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.” Similar sentiments have been echoed by Vice President Harris who has referred to American children as “our children” and White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, who has similarly said, “These are our kids. They belong to all of us.”

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Deep State Declares War on Trump Voters

The Phyllis Schlafly Report
By John and Andy Schlafly

Until now, American voters have been allowed to select our next president without interference by federal prosecutors. In a free election the People can decide which issues are significant, such as entanglement in foreign wars, and which are petty, such as the location of some old papers from the previous administration.

But the federal workers who pursue political prosecutions of Trump and his supporters are as hostile to democracy as they are clueless about the loyalty of Trump voters. Special prosecutor Jack Smith, who disgracefully prosecuted Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell until Smith was reversed by the Supreme Court, now demands that Trump face a speedy trial, so that Smith’s office rather than the voters can decide the reelection of Trump.

Jack Smith’s unprecedented indictment will be heard by Judge Aileen Cannon, who had previously smacked down the feds after their excessive raid of Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago last August. In that case she told the federal Trump-haters to back off, and she properly appointed a respected former judge to review the documents that were seized in the raid.

On appeal to a higher court, Judge Britt Grant, whose husband worked for nearly a decade for the Deep State at the CIA, showed improper rudeness to Trump’s attorney. Also on the panel was Judge Bill Pryor, who is often a rubber-stamp for prosecutors, and they reversed Judge Cannon’s fair ruling.

Yet now the liberal media, led by the New York Times, are complaining about the random assignment of the Trump indictment to Judge Cannon, despite her lack of any conflict of interest. What liberals dislike is her independence from politics, which is what a good judge should display.

Few Americans would base their vote on where President Trump stored boxes of documents relating to his presidency when he moved out of his residence at the White House. Many public officials take copies of documents with them when they leave office, as Joe Biden did when he left the White House in 2017 and Biden has not been charged with anything.

But many federal workers in D.C. are too virulently anti-Trump to allow the democratic process to work without interference by fanatical federal prosecutors. They have no employable skills outside of government and yet are bankrolled by an unlimited spigot of taxpayer dollars, which would have been shut off had the debt ceiling been enforced on June 1.

The timing of this federal indictment to be less than one week after suspension of the debt ceiling, which keeps the money flowing to them, seems to be more than a coincidence. The GOP majority in the House does not have to allow taxpayer millions to be spent on biased investigators taking pictures of boxes of obscure documents stored in an unused bathroom.

Trump has built successful companies and skyscrapers, employed thousands, and defeated the idol of most federal workers: Hillary Clinton. Then Trump committed unforgivable sins in the eyes of the feds by firing their FBI director, James Comey, and by pardoning the victims of Department of Justice political prosecutions, including Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The January 6 protests were, on top of all that, a thorough humiliation of the Deep State in D.C. for which it has been retaliating ever since. All Trump did on that day was to give a speech while serving as president, and it is very difficult to convert a presidential address into some kind of crime.

So Trump-haters hatched this plan to accuse this former and future president of “willful retention” of his own presidential papers, abusing a century-old law that has never before been used in this way. The federal bullies also indicted a U.S. Navy veteran from Guam who has been a personal assistant to Trump, Walt Nauta, over the phony separate crime of supposedly lying to the FBI as Nauta voluntarily described his service to the former president.

Local prosecutors who prosecute real crimes do not regard lying to authorities as a separate crime, yet that is the federal prosecutors’ favorite fake crime to invoke. They used it improperly against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, in what was later discovered to have been a premeditated ambush by the FBI, and threatened the respected author Dr. Jerome Corsi with this until he publicized the injustice.

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, famously warned Trump that the intelligence community, also known as the Deep State, has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” Just before Trump was inaugurated to his first term, Schumer said on national television that “from what I am told, they are very upset with how he has talked about them.”

This new indictment proves how vindictively the Deep State will retaliate. It needs to be defunded.

John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the continuing Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations with writing and policy work.

These columns are also posted on PhyllisSchlafly.com, pseagles.com, and Townhall.com.