Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Has a Point About Illegal Votes

by John and Andy Schlafly

When Donald Trump boldly complained about the “millions of people who voted illegally” in the presidential election, he may not have been far from the mark after California is considered.  Most Americans are unaware just how far California’s election procedures have drifted away from the rest of our country.

In the 49 States other than California, Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton by almost 2 million popular votes.  The claim that Hillary won the national popular vote is due entirely to the huge run-up in votes that she claims she received in California.

Hillary’s reported vote total in California is constantly changing, even weeks after the election, so Donald Trump’s skepticism about the popular vote total is healthy.  A look at rules in California which are rejected by nearly every other state illustrates why California’s vote should not dictate the future of our country.

For starters, California continues to accept mailed-in ballots lacking in safeguards against voter fraud for many, many days after the rest of the country voted on Election Day.  How many of these mailed-in ballots, not received until long after the election, are the result of fraud?

California does not require any photo identification or comparable verification before allowing someone to cast a ballot.  This is in contrast to the states that do have safeguards against voting by impostors, and most of the voter ID states were carried by Trump.

California is one of only three states that allow convicted felons to vote while sitting in jail behind bars.  In most other states, murderers and rapists are denied the ability to influence the outcome of an election even after they have been released from jail, unless they go through a process to have their voting rights restored.

California harbors illegal aliens in far greater numbers than other states, with several major cities in California designated as “sanctuary cities.”  The entire state was declared a “sanctuary” by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice, a decision which allows the Attorney General to withhold federal funds from the state.

In 2013 the California legislature even passed a law to allow illegal aliens to serve on juries, in contrast with all other states.  Democratic Governor Jerry Brown vetoed that bill, but he signed a bill to prohibit state government from using the word “alien” because, according to the bill’s sponsor Tony Mendoza, it “has very negative connotations.”

Illegal aliens have been given so many benefits and protections unavailable to them in other states that the term “California citizenship” has been used to describe its un-American approach.   Many of those illegal aliens could have voted because in practice there is nothing to stop them from doing so, and Trump is right to complain about the unknown number who “voted illegally” in the presidential election.

In addition, California did not allow any Republican to be on the general election ballot for U.S. Senator this year, due to an unusual process that eliminated the Republican candidate in the primary.  Given a choice between two liberal Democratic minority females, California’s U.S. Senate race was more like something found in Cuba or other one-party systems.

Many local races in California also reflected a one-party system where voters were given a choice between two different members of the Democratic Party, both of whom generally supported the same political positions.  While Californians could vote for the Republican candidate Trump for president, many could not vote for a Republican candidate for other key offices in the general election.

Neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton spent much time or money campaigning in California, which has expensive media markets and a sprawling population nearly 800 miles from north to south.  The final vote tally in that state is as meaningless as the final score in a sporting event where one side continued to run up the score after the outcome was already settled.

If the outcome of the election were based on who won the most popular votes rather than who won the Electoral College, then the candidate who spent the most money would have an enormous advantage.  The very problem that liberals criticize so often – the influence of money in determining the outcome of elections – would be far worse if popular vote were all that mattered.

Instead, the Electoral College brilliantly allows a less-funded candidate, as Trump was, to focus on a half-dozen small-media states to take his campaign right to the American people without relying heavily on negative ads as Hillary Clinton did.  How ironic it is that the critics of negative campaigning and the corrosive effect of big money in politics are not defending Trump’s victory based on his large rallies with the people in a few swing states.

John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) whose 27th book, The Conservative Case for Trump, was published posthumously on September 6.

Media attack on the alt-right

Get ready for 4+ years of the leftist news media calling Donald Trump Hitler.

The NY Times reports:
With the election of Donald J. Trump — and his subsequent appointment of Stephen K. Bannon, a former chairman of the right-wing website Breitbart News, as his chief White House strategist — the term alt-right has emerged as a linguistic flash point. Generally deployed by news organizations to describe a far-right, white nationalist movement known for its aggressive online expression, the term has attracted widespread criticism among those, particularly on the left, who say it euphemizes and legitimizes the ideologies of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and white supremacy.
Trump has been denounced by various gatekeepers of the Right, such as Mitt Romney, National Review, George Will, and the Weekly Standard. So alt-right is a good term for his message.

Yes, the leftist news media likes all that name-calling, but they say the same about Republicans, conservatives, and everyone else they don't like.

The article does not cite any views of Trump supporters.
Last Wednesday, The Washington Post circulated style guidelines for several terms, including alt-right, which it defined in part as “a small, far-right movement that seeks a whites-only state” whose adherents are “known for espousing racist, anti-Semitic and sexist points of view.”
This is just an attempt to marginalize Trump supporters. Some Trump supporters have extreme views, just as many Democrats do. I use the term alt-right to refer to the broader coalition that elected Trump.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gingrich says Romney sounds phony

From Fox News:
NEWT GINGRICH: I think there’s nothing Mitt Romney can say that does sound fake and doesn’t sound phony. He made his case all year. he did all he could to cause Trump to lose Utah. He called Trump vicious and vile things. He described him in language that is not possibly compatible with being together. And the idea that now that Trump has won that Mitt would suddenly decide to issue a mea culpa… Speaking for most of the Trump supporters, we will support President-elect Trump in whatever he does, We will be enormously disappointed if he brought Mitt Romney into any position of authority.
Sounding fake and phony is just a small part of the problem. How can you trust Romney or consider him a Republican, when he worked to help Hillary Clinton defeat Trump?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Looting the bank accounts

Anne Cori and Eunie Smith have started looting the Eagle Forum c4 bank accounts. They apparently used a temporary restraining order from a judge to convince the bank that they had authority over the money, even tho he has not ruled on who controls the board.

They have given no explanation as to how they are spending the money.

That money was raised by Phyllis Schlafly, but they are trying to undermine what she stood for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Attempt to shut down web site

I have been notified that the #NeverTrump ex-eagles have tried to get an ISP to shut down eagleforum.org.
I am not sure what will happen, so maybe we will start migrating content to another site.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Defining the Alt Right

The NY Times attempts to define the alt-right:
These are exultant times for the alt-right movement, which was little known until this year, when it embraced Mr. Trump’s campaign and he appeared to embrace it back. ...

While many of its racist views are well known — that President Obama is, or may as well be, of foreign birth; that the Black Lives Matter movement is another name for black race rioters; that even the American-born children of undocumented Hispanic immigrants should be deported — the alt-right has been difficult to define. Is it a name for right-wing political provocateurs in the internet era? Or is it a political movement defined by xenophobia and a dislike for political correctness?

At the conference on Saturday, Mr. Spencer, who said he had coined the term, defined the alt-right as a movement with white identity as its core idea. ...

While many of its racist views are well known — that President Obama is, or may as well be, of foreign birth; that the Black Lives Matter movement is another name for black race rioters; that even the American-born children of undocumented Hispanic immigrants should be deported — the alt-right has been difficult to define. Is it a name for right-wing political provocateurs in the internet era? Or is it a political movement defined by xenophobia and a dislike for political correctness?

At the conference on Saturday, Mr. Spencer, who said he had coined the term, defined the alt-right as a movement with white identity as its core idea. ...

“Trump and Steve Bannon are not alt-right people,” Mr. Brimelow said, adding that they had opportunistically seized on two issues that the alt-right cares most about — stopping immigration and fighting political correctness — and used them to mobilize white voters.

Mr. Spencer said that while he did not think the president-elect should be considered alt-right, “I do think we have a psychic connection, or you can say a deeper connection, with Donald Trump in a way that we simply do not have with most Republicans.”

White identity, he said, is at the core of both the alt-right movement and the Trump movement, even if most voters for Mr. Trump “aren’t willing to articulate it as such.”
Richard B. Spencer may have coined the term, but the alt-right is much bigger than him now. There must be a better name for white identity anyway.

My favorite definition is that the alt-right is the opposite of the ctrl-left.

I think that the definition that is most likely to be accepted is that the alt-right is the set of beliefs that got Donald Trump elected.

The terms Republican and Conservative do not adequately describe Trump's message, because many Republicans and Conservatives joined the #NeverTrump movement and seemed to prefer Hillary Clinton. So we need a term for right-wingers who wish to disassociate themselves from the NeverTrumpers.

Trump is so vastly superior to Clinton on so many crucial issues that I do not want to be grouped with NeverTrumpers. So the term alt-right makes sense to me.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How Phyllis helped Trump

The Untold Story: How One 91 Year-Old Woman Helped Donald Trump Win Election

Guest post by Roddy McCorley, courtesy of the The Gateway Pundit.

One of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign is about a 91-year old woman who died trying to get Donald Trump elected, and her six closest friends who tried to trip her up.

There is a good argument that this woman saved the Donald Trump campaign. Her name was Phyllis Schlafly.

Here’s how she may have done it.

Ted Cruz’ failure to win any states on Super Tuesday II (March 15, 2016) was a crippling blow to his campaign. Phyllis Schlafly’s efforts for Trump and more importantly against Cruz, around whom conservatives and evangelicals were increasingly rallying, proved to be the margin of difference.

In Phyllis’ founding state of Illinois, Trump beat Cruz decisively by eight points that day. But it was the narrow win in her home state Missouri (by 0.2 points) that made Ted Cruz 0-for-5 on Super Tuesday II keeping his name out of the headlines during the pause in the election cycle for March Madness that followed and stopping his momentum, a momentum he could never fully recover with subsequent caucus victories and a lone April primary win.

It was not easy. In Missouri, it was a pitched battle between two Missourians: Cruz’ campaign manager, whom the press dubbed “Ruthless” Jeff Roe, who was being touted as the “next Karl Rove” …. and Phyllis. But Phyllis had seen “ruthless” before, and was fully unimpressed by ruthless.

The situation was that Trump had done well out East, and in the South, but had not broken through in the Midwest. Cruz had won three states that border Missouri: Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Minnesota had even dealt Trump what was to be his only third-place finish in a state. Phyllis immediately sized up the problem: less affected by immigration issues than the South and Southwest, the conservative Midwest was not accepting Trump as a “true conservative”. She set to work, writing a series of articles that would become the basis for her last book, The Conservative Case for Trump.

The signature moment however was a speech she gave on March 11, 2015, four days before Super Tuesday II, at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis in front of 3500 people and thousands more watching on monitors and smart phones outside. Outside, the fiercest protests yet of the campaign were raging. Agitators had set up permanent shop in St. Louis in the wake of the Ferguson riots. Captured on numerous handheld videos, the protest was unruly and profane. There was even one case of blood-letting. It was everything Phyllis had seen before in her battles against the “Equal Rights” Amendment. She had already been called every dirty name in the book, so had no problem, even at age 91, in crossing that picket line.

Because of some of the outside pandemonium, the rally ended up being the most famous of the campaign, giving birth to the alt-right memes known as AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck and the viral video Black Trump Supporter Accosted by Black Lives Matter Protesters (currently at almost 2 million views). A rally later that evening in Chicago had to be called off because of violence and it looked for a while like Donald Trump would never be able to address his supporters again in person and would have to run his entire campaign through a live feed.

It was a fever pitch at the Peabody that morning. Not for sissies. And where was Eunie Smith? Anne Cori? Cathie Adams? Rosina Kovar? Carolyn McLarty? Shirley Curry?

The six Eagle Forum board members she had hand-chosen abandoned their 91-year-old leader and left her alone to face the mob.

Not only did they abandon her, Cori was back at the Eagle Forum office sending out an email blast with the breathless caption “Ted Cruz is the ONLY Conservative Candidate for President!” And by March 29, three of them were calling special board meetings without Phyllis’ approval. They launched a lawsuit in April to wrest control from Phyllis. And the rest is history. Painful, litigious, expensive (and still ongoing) history.

It was later revealed that Schlafly was fighting lung cancer the entire time. She died in September. Trump spoke at her funeral and Cori who is Schlafly’s daughter, refused to meet with Trump who was greeting the family in an anteroom of the St. Louis Cathedral.

’That is why it is rather rich that they now issue a press release claiming credit for Trump’s win. They wanted Ted Cruz, and there is no way Cruz could have eaten his way through the rust belt like a Pac Man and won Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Or Wisconsin, which had not been won by any of the “long series of losers” (the phrase Phyllis used at that rally) since Ronald Reagan. Or Minnesota, where if Evan McMullin’s “new conservative movement” had not gained its third-highest percentage outside of Utah and Idaho, Trump would have gained territory Reagan never even had, namely the “People’s Republic of Minnesota”.

On the Ides of March, 2016, Phyllis Schlafly was a stitch-in-time for Donald Trump. She is why we are not now saying “President Elect Clinton”. It will go down in history as one of the great untold stories of this campaign. But it cost her a vicious fight in the courts for the control of the donations she raised and the trademarks she built for fifty years.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Avoid the #NeverTrump losers

Anne Cori is part of a group of six women suing Eagle Forum c4, and she put out this press release:

Acting Eagle Forum president Eunie Smith declared, "Donald Trump's win proves once again that when the American grassroots unite, we can do the impossible. We can defeat the Establishment elites in the Washington, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media - even when they cheat."

"The media tried to make this election about personality, and they stacked the deck by colluding with the Clinton campaign, by skewing polling data, giving Clinton overwhelmingly positive and Trump overwhelmingly negative coverage, leaking debate questions to Clinton, giving her campaign review of their coverage of her. Still, the American people, men and women of all races from all walks of life, saw through it all and came out in record numbers to support Trump's message of putting the American people back in charge of our country's destiny," said Smith.

"This election was not about Donald Trump as a personality, but this was about a movement that began with the Tea Parties in 2009," Smith noted. "Through the conservative victories in 2010 and 2014, hardworking, every day Americans told Washington we want pro-family, fiscally conservative leaders who will protect our jobs and secure our borders, but the elites in both parties ignored the message.

'Now, particularly with the re-election of conservative majorities in the House and Congress, Donald Trump has an undeniable mandate to carry out the reform the grassroots are demanding," said Smith. ...

Our beloved founder, Phyllis Schlafly, along with Eagle Forum activists throughout the country, have been praying Isaiah Isaiah 40:31 for decades, ...
This might make sense, except that Cori and Smith were among the #NeverTrump Republicans who fought against Trump's nomination and election.

Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Trump as the Choice, Not An Echo. So did the Eagle Forum president, Ed Martin. Cori and Smith did everything to try to stop the endorsement, including filing a lawsuit to fire Martin and to remove Phyllis Schlafly from any control over Eagle Forum c4. When she formed a new organization to help Trump and support conservative causes, then sued to stop that also.

Ed Martin writes:
One final note: the 6 women that sued Phyllis are still at it (unfortunately). They say they are "protecting Phyllis' legacy" but they are wasting millions of Phyllis' dollars in legal fees, they're hosting #NeverTrump speakers ("losers!") at their events, and they're putting out emails pretending they are actually doing something. Phyllis knew what posers looked like and so do you! Please do not be distracted: Phyllis left her 5 children and me in charge of the following efforts: Eagle Forum Education Fund, Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle SuperPAC, Eagle Forum PAC, Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles, the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, and America's Future. Phyllis wanted us all to move forward with all of these efforts to make America great again! And so we will.

Don't worry - we won't be stopped by lawsuits and posers! Every day, we are building Phyllis' conservative movement just as Phyllis wanted us to do. John and Andy Schlafly have stepped up to lead the intellectual charge that Phyllis led and our team is "moving and shaking" all over the nation! Let us know how we can help you.
He is correct. If the #NeverTrump Republicans had gotten their way, Hillary Clinton would have been elected President. Be thankful that Phyllis Schlafly, Ed Martin, and many others had the courage to stand up and do what was needed to save the country.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins

Phyllis Schlafly's Eagles worked very hard for Donald Trump.

The renegade ex-Eagles who sued Eagle Forum c4 worked to undermine Trump.

This is a great victory for America, and for conservative values.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The sham lawsuit

Anne Cori, Eunie Smith, and four others filed an Illinois lawsuit in April to take over Eagle Forum c4, one of the late Phyllis Schafly’s Eagle organizations. I have come to the conclusion that the entire lawsuit is a sham and an abuse of process. Judge Barberis should be ashamed that he is going along with it.

The lawsuit sought, at the outset, to control the lawyers on both sides of the case. On Oct. 20 the judge issued a temporary restraining order whose main effect was to grant that request.

This goes against our whole adversarial system of justice. The Cori-Smith group seeks to use Eagle Forum c4 against Phyllis Schlafly’s express wishes, and her views are not being represented.

Their press release complains:
I am particularly troubled that Martin seems to be intentionally misleading people to believe that he is speaking on behalf of Eagle Forum. He is not," Smith said.

Last month, a temporary restraining order issued by a circuit court in Madison County, Illinois ordered Martin suspended from his role as Eagle Forum President. In its ruling, the court inserted Smith as acting President and Anne Schlafly Cori as acting Chairman of the Board. Martin formed the Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle PAC which has no relationship with Eagle Forum whatsoever.
That temporary order suspended Ed Martin from the Eagle Forum c4, but he continues to act in behalf of Eagle Forum c3, Eagle PAC, and Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles. He is the one who co-authored a best-selling book with Phyllis Schlafly, not Smith or Cori.

As Smith and Cori explain:
Last week's ruling by the Madison County (IL) Circuit Court has temporarily returned management of Eagle Forum to its Board of Directors, which removed Ed Martin from the position of President of Eagle Forum on April 11, 2016. The Circuit Court's ruling directs the Eagle Forum Board of Directors to assume management and control of Eagle Forum and its property, consistent with their fiduciary duties and obligations to Eagle Forum.

The court's ruling makes Mrs. Eunie Smith, First Vice-President of Eagle Forum, the Acting President of the organization while the litigation moves toward a final resolution. Together with Mrs. Anne Schlafly Cori, Acting Chairman of Eagle Forum, Mrs. Smith will work to reinvigorate Eagle Forum and its many volunteers and supporters. ...

There are a number of pending legal challenges still surrounding Eagle Forum and Martin's controversial tenure as its President, including various contempt of court motions related to Eagle Forum's Board of Directors many attempts to enforce compliance with the Circuit Court's Orders. A federal lawsuit alleging misappropriation of Eagle Forum resources by a Virginia corporation called Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles, is also still pending in US District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.
Yes, Smith and Cori have made a number of motions for contempt of court, but none of them have merit and none of them have been granted.

Eagle Forum c4 has no title of "Acting President" or "Acting Chairman". Any claim to such a title is illegitimate. It is just the opinion of a judge who has heard a sham lawsuit where Smith and Cori have sued themselves.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Donating to Eagle Forum

If you donate to Eagle Forum, be sure and say which Eagle Forum you prefer.

Donations to the Eagle Forum c3 are tax-deductible. That organization is running by people loyal to the late Phyllis Schlafly and her mission.

Donations to the Eagle Forum c4 are uncertain, as the bank accounts have been frozen by a lawsuit. Anne Cori, Eunie Smith, and a handful of others are attempting to take it over and redirect its mission to something contrary to what Phyllis Schlafly wanted. I have no idea how that money will be spent.

There are various state Eagle Forums. Some are loyal and some are not. I suggest joining and finding out what they do, before donating.

There is also an Eagle Forum PAC.

If you just want to buy books or subscribe to publications, be sure to pay the Eagle Trust Fund, as that is what produces the publications.