Monday, October 31, 2016

Anne Cori gloats about lawsuit win

Anne Cori calls herself "Acting Chairman, Eagle Forum", and writes in a press release:
(St. Louis, Missouri) Last week's ruling by the Madison County (IL) Circuit Court has temporarily returned management of Eagle Forum to its Board of Directors, which removed Ed Martin from the position of President of Eagle Forum on April 11, 2016. The Circuit Court's ruling directs the Eagle Forum Board of Directors to assume management and control of Eagle Forum and its property, consistent with their fiduciary duties and obligations to Eagle Forum.

The court's ruling makes Mrs. Eunie Smith, First Vice-President of Eagle Forum, the Acting President of the organization while the litigation moves toward a final resolution. Together with Mrs. Anne Schlafly Cori, Acting Chairman of Eagle Forum, Mrs. Smith will work to reinvigorate Eagle Forum and its many volunteers and supporters.
Eagle Forum c4 has never had titles of "Acting Chairman" and "Acting President". These titles were created by a judge's temporary restraing order.

Who ever heard of a judge creating titles of authority in a political organization?

Cori and Smith have begun the process to loot the bank accounts of Eagle Forum c4, unfortunately, and to smear the good name of Phyllis Schlafly.

Many Eagles may be moving to Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles for political activities.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Eagle Forum Lawsuit

Kelleigh Nelson writes:
The judicial violations are obvious in the lawsuit against Eagle Forum’s 501(c)4 entity. The original suit was filed in April of 2016, and was limited to this one entity of Eagle Forum, the 501(c)4.

It has been suspected that all along this Gang of Six (Anne Cori and the five others on the board) wanted all the other entities of Eagle Forum. The Illinois judge in this case, despite being a republican, actually used the brief presented by Anne Cori’s attorneys, and stated that John Schlafly and Ed Martin had 24 hours to get out of Eagle Forum! There are five entities of Eagle Forum, and the lawsuit is only over one entity!

Quite obviously, this judge overstepped his bounds! Is he colluding with them? Does he not understand what the entire case is all about? Does he not understand that Eagle Forum is more than one entity? Is he stupid? Has he not read through the document. He should know better!

Illinois Judge John B. Barberis has ordered Eagle Forum (Schlafly’s website) to remove all pro-Trump articles posted after April 10, 2016.

This is key, because the judge is implying it is one organization, and it is not! Each of the five entities did not have separate websites, they all posted on the one! This judge is busy doing fund raising for his campaign for judge on a higher court, and Judge Barberis is the lowest rated judge in Illinois.

So, even six weeks after her death, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly is still being attacked by the left, #NeverTrumpers and activist judges.

The Bully Party

Scott Adams (aka Dilbert comic) writes:
I’ve been trying to figure out what common trait binds Clinton supporters together. As far as I can tell, the most unifying characteristic is a willingness to bully in all its forms.

If you have a Trump sign in your lawn, they will steal it.

If you have a Trump bumper sticker, they will deface your car.

if you speak of Trump at work you could get fired.

On social media, almost every message I get from a Clinton supporter is a bullying type of message. They insult. They try to shame. They label. And obviously they threaten my livelihood.

We know from Project Veritas that Clinton supporters tried to incite violence at Trump rallies. The media downplays it.

We also know Clinton’s side hired paid trolls to bully online. You don’t hear much about that. ...

I’ll just point out that Trump’s message is about uniting all Americans under one flag. The Clinton message is that some Americans are good people and the other 40% are some form of deplorables, deserving of shame, vandalism, punishing taxation, and violence. She has literally turned Americans on each other. It is hard for me to imagine a worse thing for a presidential candidate to do.

I’ll say that again.

As far as I can tell, the worst thing a presidential candidate can do is turn Americans against each other. Clinton is doing that, intentionally.

I agree with this, but I note a contrary view. There are people who spend all them time badmouthing Trump, such as calling him a Nazi, but who then complain that they are being bullied by readers who send them nasty emails.

One of those bullies, David French complains in National Review that the Trump supporters are the bullies.

Update: David French was on NPR Radio Fresh Air, explaining how he has spent the last year doing everything he can to undermine the Trump campaign, and carrying on his hatred of the Alt Right. But people on Twitter keep saying nasty things about him, and he cannot get them all banned.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Judge orders pro-Trump articles removed

The Gateway Pundit reports from

Even after her death conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly is still being attacked by the left, #NeverTrumpers and activist judges.

Illinois Judge John B. Barberis has ordered Eagle Forum (Schlafly’s website) to remove all pro-Trump articles posted after April 10, 2016.

Phyllis Schlafly was an early Donald Trump supporter.

This week an activist Illinois judge ordered Eagle Forum to remove all pro-Trump articles after April 10, 2016.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:
Martin said he was unavailable for an interview but said in an email the temporary ruling “does not affect our work in any way. Courts do not properly pick leaders of political organizations. The court ruled without hearing any testimony, and mistakes happen that way. I’m confident this unprecedented ruling will be overturned on appeal.” ...

Fault lines opened up when Phyllis Schlafly refused to endorse Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for the Republican nomination for president in late 2015, the suit said. In February, Cori used the Schlafly database to orchestrate a robocall for Cruz before he won Iowa’s GOP caucus.

Trump tweeted that “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!”

Phyllis Schlafly and Martin alleged that their fallout with the board started in part because of Schlafly’s public endorsement of Trump.

“The anti-Trump people have gone way too far,” Martin said in an email. “This won’t slow us down. We have more support now than when we started.”

Martin said that although he was suspended from Eagle Forum, he would remain active with a group called Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, which he said had published a best-selling pro-Trump book.

He said he was also leading a group called Phyllis Schlafly’s American Eagles, “to address the issue of American sovereignty.”

Friday, October 21, 2016


Within about 4 hours of posting this [previous message], the lawyers for the disgruntled eagles complained to Judge Barberis about it. They wrote: "Mr. Schlafly's proclamation mischaracterizes the Court's Order, disparages the Court and its integrity, attacks Plaintiffs, and touts his disdain for the Court's authority." They then quoted the sentence about that links to the Bar Association page saying that the judge has the lowest rating in Illinois.

It is possible that I am mischaracterizing the Court's Order. I have sent an email to the Plaintiffs asking for a clarification. So far, they do not dispute that their main purpose is to remove pro-Trump postings.

Apparently the judge was particularly upset that I said that he was doing fundraising for his political campaign. To be clear, I just googled him and reported what I found, and I have no idea whether there is anything irregular with his fundraising. I am certainly not claiming that it is illegal for him to do fundraising for his campaign. I do not think that is an attack on his integrity and authority. I guess the lawyers figured that they will get the judge to rule against me if they persuade him to have a personal dislike for me and my opinions.

In others words the lawyers (such as Erik O. Solverud) have no respect for the judge to follow the law, and use tactics to generate personal biases instead.

Whether the judge has any authority over me, I do not know. I am not a party to the case, and I am only protecting Phyllis Schlafly's works that I did not think were part of the subject matter of the case.

If I am wrong, I assume that I will soon get a letter from some lawyers.

Looking for Eagle Forum?

Phyllis Schlafly spent her whole life organizing Republicans and communicating conservative political views. She created the web site in 1996 to help further those goals, in conjunction with many other efforts. It contains gigabytes of her works.

Now a court order has thrown the site into doubt. A group of six disgruntled eagles have filed a lawsuit, and Illinois judge John B. Barberis has sided with them.

Their main political argument is that they oppose Donald Trump, and their main legal argument is that Phyllis Schlafly's death has left a power vacuum, so that they can take over one of her several Eagle organizations, called "Eagle Forum c4".

The worst part is that they wish to use Phyllis Schlafly's name, image, reputation, and legacy to support causes opposite to what she stood for. She spent the last six months of her life trying to stop them from carrying out their vendetta.

I hope to keep her works online and available, and I hope to separate them from the platform of her opponents.

I do not know too much about Judge Barberis, except that he is the lowest rated judge in Illinois. He is busy doing fundraisers for his campaign in a election next month to be a judge on a higher court.

His Oct. 20 order is very strange. It is an amendment to a Temporary Restraining Order that issued on April 29, 2016, and that expired 10 days later. It is against Eagle Forum c4 officers as defendants, but then suspends them from Eagle Forum c4, so that they have no ability to carry out the order.

The lawsuit is against Eagle Forum c4 but orders me personally to assist in transferring "Eagle Forum [c4] Property". This is in spite of the fact that I am not a party to the case, and the court papers say that I am "not associated or affiliated with Eagle Forum [c4] in any way."

The judge ordered that all pro-Trump articles posted on since April 10, 2016 be removed. He also said the parties are enjoined from advocating any position with respect to the litigation.

I have never heard of any political advocacy organization being ordered not to express opinions on a web site. Not in the USA, anyway. I thought that the First Amendment prohibited that sort of thing.

The order has language like "All authority to communicate with any third party regarding ... is hereby revoked." Since when does anyone need permission to communicate with a third party?

Complying with this order will not be easy. I am not sure exactly what was on the site on April 10. If I remove the pro-Trump articles, I will create dead links. If I explain the dead links, I might be accused of advocating something. I am reluctant to even post the court order, as that might be construed as advocating about litigation.

I am not sure that the Eagle Forum c4 even has any property on the web site. Most of the site involves political works and activities of Phyllis Schlafly, and these have nothing to do with the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. I have tried to understand the their demands, but they have never even expressed any interest in the web site, as far as I know.

Rolling back Phyllis Schlafly's web site to purge her pro-Trump views is a dishonest and treacherous thing to do, and I refuse to do it, unless forced by the court.

So I am shutting down the web site for now. I am very sorry about this, and hope to have it back up when the legal issues are settled.