Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Eagle Forum Lawsuit

Kelleigh Nelson writes:
The judicial violations are obvious in the lawsuit against Eagle Forum’s 501(c)4 entity. The original suit was filed in April of 2016, and was limited to this one entity of Eagle Forum, the 501(c)4.

It has been suspected that all along this Gang of Six (Anne Cori and the five others on the board) wanted all the other entities of Eagle Forum. The Illinois judge in this case, despite being a republican, actually used the brief presented by Anne Cori’s attorneys, and stated that John Schlafly and Ed Martin had 24 hours to get out of Eagle Forum! There are five entities of Eagle Forum, and the lawsuit is only over one entity!

Quite obviously, this judge overstepped his bounds! Is he colluding with them? Does he not understand what the entire case is all about? Does he not understand that Eagle Forum is more than one entity? Is he stupid? Has he not read through the document. He should know better!

Illinois Judge John B. Barberis has ordered Eagle Forum (Schlafly’s website) to remove all pro-Trump articles posted after April 10, 2016.

This is key, because the judge is implying it is one organization, and it is not! Each of the five entities did not have separate websites, they all posted on the one! This judge is busy doing fund raising for his campaign for judge on a higher court, and Judge Barberis is the lowest rated judge in Illinois.

So, even six weeks after her death, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly is still being attacked by the left, #NeverTrumpers and activist judges.

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