Friday, October 21, 2016


Within about 4 hours of posting this [previous message], the lawyers for the disgruntled eagles complained to Judge Barberis about it. They wrote: "Mr. Schlafly's proclamation mischaracterizes the Court's Order, disparages the Court and its integrity, attacks Plaintiffs, and touts his disdain for the Court's authority." They then quoted the sentence about that links to the Bar Association page saying that the judge has the lowest rating in Illinois.

It is possible that I am mischaracterizing the Court's Order. I have sent an email to the Plaintiffs asking for a clarification. So far, they do not dispute that their main purpose is to remove pro-Trump postings.

Apparently the judge was particularly upset that I said that he was doing fundraising for his political campaign. To be clear, I just googled him and reported what I found, and I have no idea whether there is anything irregular with his fundraising. I am certainly not claiming that it is illegal for him to do fundraising for his campaign. I do not think that is an attack on his integrity and authority. I guess the lawyers figured that they will get the judge to rule against me if they persuade him to have a personal dislike for me and my opinions.

In others words the lawyers (such as Erik O. Solverud) have no respect for the judge to follow the law, and use tactics to generate personal biases instead.

Whether the judge has any authority over me, I do not know. I am not a party to the case, and I am only protecting Phyllis Schlafly's works that I did not think were part of the subject matter of the case.

If I am wrong, I assume that I will soon get a letter from some lawyers.

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