Thursday, November 3, 2016

Donating to Eagle Forum

If you donate to Eagle Forum, be sure and say which Eagle Forum you prefer.

Donations to the Eagle Forum c3 are tax-deductible. That organization is running by people loyal to the late Phyllis Schlafly and her mission.

Donations to the Eagle Forum c4 are uncertain, as the bank accounts have been frozen by a lawsuit. Anne Cori, Eunie Smith, and a handful of others are attempting to take it over and redirect its mission to something contrary to what Phyllis Schlafly wanted. I have no idea how that money will be spent.

There are various state Eagle Forums. Some are loyal and some are not. I suggest joining and finding out what they do, before donating.

There is also an Eagle Forum PAC.

If you just want to buy books or subscribe to publications, be sure to pay the Eagle Trust Fund, as that is what produces the publications.

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