Friday, March 24, 2017

Another anti-Schlafly lawsuit

ABC News reports:
The daughter of outspoken conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly alleges in a new lawsuit that several of her brothers effectively diminished her inheritance by influencing their mother to amend a family trust before her death.

The amendment means all legal bills in ongoing litigation between the siblings will come out of Anne Schlafly Cori's share of the inheritance, according to the suit filed week in St. Louis County Circuit Court. Schlafly, who was 92 when she died in September, helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s and founded the Eagle Forum political group.

One of her sons, Andrew Schlafly, described the most recent lawsuit as "frivolous," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( ) reports. The New Jersey lawyer said in a statement Wednesday that Cori has "caused the waste of more than $1 million in legal fees, and she wants someone else to bear those massive costs."

The siblings and others were already entangled in litigation stemming from a fight over Phyllis Schlafly's political legacy. That fight came to a head last year, when the siblings split over support for Trump in the Republican primary. Phyllis Schlafly publicly backed Trump, a position at odds with Cori and other board members of the Eagle Forum, Schlafly's Alton-based conservative think tank.
Here is an online comment on the story:
JoAnn Schmitzer Jouett · Works at Eagle Trust Fund
Phyllis Schlafly was NOT a litigious person. In fact, she pointed out the egregious abuses by runaway courts and liberal judges, such as legislating from the bench and attempting to rewrite the Constitution. Phyllis asked her daughter NUMEROUS times to drop the original nonsensical lawsuit, but she, and the other five board members, refused. Phyllis was not unduly influenced by Ms. Cori's brothers, nor did she have some kind of failing mental capacity. She was doing live radio interviews up until one month before her death on the election, the Constitution, illegal immigration and other topics trending last summer, and I defy anyone to do a live interview without sounding like an idiot. Phyllis had to call the police to stop Ms. Cori's harrassing telephone calls to her home in the last months of her life. Who does Ms. Cori think is going to pay all the legal fees associated with the various lawsuits she keeps filing? Does she expect the money raised by her mother to fight for conservative causes to be used, in violation of the trust of the donors? Ms. Cori made her own bed, and now she must lie in it. Besides, she is supposedly a successful businesswoman in her own right and she married a man old enough to be her father who apparently has a lot of money. Why does she care? If she doesn't want her "inheritance" reduced, then she should drop the lawsuits and take her lumps as any of us would be expected to do.
I agree that the lawsuit is frivolous. Apparently has some sort of personal grudge, but she will not explain it to me.

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