Thursday, September 14, 2017

Flake keeps lying about President Trump

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is plugging his Trump-hating book on NPR radio:
If speaking out costs Flake his 2018 reelection bid, will it still be worth it?

“I have an opportunity to speak up now and if people say, well you were critical of the president during the election and my response would be when he referred to Mexican Migrants as rapists, or when he referred to John McCain in a disparaging way saying that he couldn’t support him because he was captured or when he referred to an Indiana-born judge as a Mexican in a pejorative way. On which of those issues should I not have spoken up?”
He should not have spoken on any of those issues if he is going to lie about what Trump said. Flake misrepresents Trump on all 3 of those issues.

Trump did not call the judge "Mexican" as pejorative. He said that some of the judge's rulings showed bias, I think Flake is apparently the one who views the word "Mexican" as pejorative.

Let's hope that Flake gets replaced in 2018 with a more genuine Republican.

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