Friday, October 27, 2017

Have some say over our demographic future

The Clinton-sponsored site Media Matter complains:
CNN contributor Ed Martin, who has been appearing on the network to argue against “amnesty for illegals,” previously co-authored a book ...

Martin co-authored the 2016 book The Conservative Case for Trump, which aimed to persuade “well-meaning conservatives” that the then-Republican candidate “is worthy of every conservative’s vote.” ...

“Immigration that is in America’s national interest is one thing. Immigration that floods our welfare rolls and prisons, and that tears apart our nation’s heritage and social fabric is something else,” they added. ...

They wrote additionally about the country’s demographics: “Shouldn’t we have some say over our demographic future, of what America is and will become? Shouldn’t we have an immigration policy that serves America’s national interests? In Europe we have seen the danger of large unassimilated Islamic communities making historic changes in countries and their future; yet we seem blind to similar changes happening here.”
There is the difference between the Trump voters and Trump haters. Trump's side believes that we should have some say over our demographic future. The Trump haters want uncontrolled immigration instead.
Martin did not respond to a request for comment about his book and whether he stood by his citation of VDare.
The citation is actually to a report by Julián Aguilar in the Texas Tribune, which is a liberal newspaper in Austin, available here.

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