Sunday, May 16, 2021

Why Liz Cheney had to be removed

The NY Times reports:
Yet in recent weeks, it has been Republicans who seem most focused on canceling ideas they don’t like. And on Wednesday morning, the G.O.P. cancel mob came for Liz Cheney.

After a defiant speech on Tuesday evening, she was purged from House Republican leadership for refusing to echo Donald Trump’s lies about the election and holding him responsible for the deadly riot on Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

No, that is not what happened.

Cheney was allowed to continue in her role, even after she voted to impeach Pres. Trump. No one required her to echo lies, from Trump or anyone else. She could have simply kept quiet about Trump, and kept her role.

But she cannot have a leadership role in the Republican Party if she keeps writing op-eds consisting of Democrat talking points. She effectively resigned by saying those things.

Cancel culture refers to firing people for supposedly offensive comments made years earlier. Nobody is canceling Cheney for past statements, or for offensive speech. She is being ousted because she persistently refuses to say things consistent with the party that she is supposedly leading.

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