Thursday, May 25, 2023

Biden to let Boys Play on Girls Sports Teams

The Biden administration published proposed regulations of sex discrimination in school sports, and I submitted this comment:
The proposal refers to "harm" 53 times, but never identifies the harm accurately. It is considered beneficial to have all-girls sports teams. If that is true, then allowing a boy on a girls team harms every girl on the team, every girl who is displaced, and every girl on opposition teams. The boy with gender disphoria who may identify as a girl is probably harmed as well, as the team would be catering to a dangerous delusion.

Sex is binary in humans. That is a scientific fact. Furthermore, our social order has depended on male-female distinctions for millennia. Attempts to upset that social order are based on an extremist political ideology, and not on popular opinion, law, or benefit to children. The proposed regulations should be rejected.

Here is an interview of a feminist bicycle racing champion who is unhappy about men taking over women's cycling.

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