Friday, November 18, 2016

Avoid the #NeverTrump losers

Anne Cori is part of a group of six women suing Eagle Forum c4, and she put out this press release:

Acting Eagle Forum president Eunie Smith declared, "Donald Trump's win proves once again that when the American grassroots unite, we can do the impossible. We can defeat the Establishment elites in the Washington, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media - even when they cheat."

"The media tried to make this election about personality, and they stacked the deck by colluding with the Clinton campaign, by skewing polling data, giving Clinton overwhelmingly positive and Trump overwhelmingly negative coverage, leaking debate questions to Clinton, giving her campaign review of their coverage of her. Still, the American people, men and women of all races from all walks of life, saw through it all and came out in record numbers to support Trump's message of putting the American people back in charge of our country's destiny," said Smith.

"This election was not about Donald Trump as a personality, but this was about a movement that began with the Tea Parties in 2009," Smith noted. "Through the conservative victories in 2010 and 2014, hardworking, every day Americans told Washington we want pro-family, fiscally conservative leaders who will protect our jobs and secure our borders, but the elites in both parties ignored the message.

'Now, particularly with the re-election of conservative majorities in the House and Congress, Donald Trump has an undeniable mandate to carry out the reform the grassroots are demanding," said Smith. ...

Our beloved founder, Phyllis Schlafly, along with Eagle Forum activists throughout the country, have been praying Isaiah Isaiah 40:31 for decades, ...
This might make sense, except that Cori and Smith were among the #NeverTrump Republicans who fought against Trump's nomination and election.

Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Trump as the Choice, Not An Echo. So did the Eagle Forum president, Ed Martin. Cori and Smith did everything to try to stop the endorsement, including filing a lawsuit to fire Martin and to remove Phyllis Schlafly from any control over Eagle Forum c4. When she formed a new organization to help Trump and support conservative causes, then sued to stop that also.

Ed Martin writes:
One final note: the 6 women that sued Phyllis are still at it (unfortunately). They say they are "protecting Phyllis' legacy" but they are wasting millions of Phyllis' dollars in legal fees, they're hosting #NeverTrump speakers ("losers!") at their events, and they're putting out emails pretending they are actually doing something. Phyllis knew what posers looked like and so do you! Please do not be distracted: Phyllis left her 5 children and me in charge of the following efforts: Eagle Forum Education Fund, Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle SuperPAC, Eagle Forum PAC, Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles, the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, and America's Future. Phyllis wanted us all to move forward with all of these efforts to make America great again! And so we will.

Don't worry - we won't be stopped by lawsuits and posers! Every day, we are building Phyllis' conservative movement just as Phyllis wanted us to do. John and Andy Schlafly have stepped up to lead the intellectual charge that Phyllis led and our team is "moving and shaking" all over the nation! Let us know how we can help you.
He is correct. If the #NeverTrump Republicans had gotten their way, Hillary Clinton would have been elected President. Be thankful that Phyllis Schlafly, Ed Martin, and many others had the courage to stand up and do what was needed to save the country.

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