Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Newspaper article on Eagle Forum dispute

The St. Louis Riverfront Times has a long article on turmoil within Eagle Forum:
The Man Who Replaced Phyllis Schlafly

At Eagle Forum, a bitter battle between Phyllis Schlafly's oldest friends — and Ed Martin, her chosen successor
Most of the people quoted are former eagles (ie, former followers of Phyllis Schlafly) who joined the #NeverTrump movement and rejected Phyllis Schlafly's leadership in endorsing Donald Trump for President.

The claims that she was manipulated into endorsing Trump, and that she was sheltered from talking to others, are vicious lies. She wrote articles in favor of Trump. She gave interviews in favor of him. The endorsement was no surprise to those who knew her or who understood her writings over many years.

She made many efforts to talk to those Eagle Forum board members. They refused to talk to her, and sued her instead. When she did talk to them, she said that they were like zombies.

Lawyer Erik Solverud is fond of recklessly accusing people of violating the law, and committing crimes. He has repeatedly gone into court with motions for contempt of court. None of those motions have been granted. He is the one who is trying to steal property that does not belong to him or his clients.

The big election is over. I wish the Trump-haters would go run their own organization, and stop trying to misrepresent Phyllis Schlafly. If they cannot understand that Trump is the right man for the job today, then they are very far apart from her views. Her work is being carried on by Ed Martin, her sons, and many loyal eagles.

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