Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Defense

Top Eagle Ed Martin now posts at Ed Martin - Trump Defense over at

A news story gives some of the background behind Martin's role in the Eagle organizations:
In October, a Madison County, Illinois judge issued an order suspending Martin from the presidency of the organization, and giving its board control of the group.

Anne Schlafly Cori told AMI the final outcome of that lawsuit is still pending.

Cori said Martin’s "Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles," sued the Eagle Forum in federal court for trademark infringement.

Cori said despite the judge’s order, the Eagle Forum still does not have control over all its assets.
No, that is not quite right. Cori filed the lawsuit against Eagle Forum C4 and another lawsuit against Phyllis Schlafly's American Eagles. Her lawsuit has gotten control of the Eagle Forum C4 bank accounts, but not those of the Eagle Forum C3, the Phyllis Schlafly Report, the American Eagles, and other activities.
Martin said Cori and her fellow board members were conducting a “classic hostile takeover” of the organization Phyllis Schlafly built.

Martin said they were angry that Schlafly supported Donald Trump’s ultimately successful bid for the GOP presidential nomination, adding that Cori and others were all “very strong for [Texas senator] Ted Cruz.”

“Look at the other issues Eagle Forum has been involved in over the years,” Martin said. “Eagle Forum has always been a leading opponent of a constitutional convention. Ted Cruz and others are strong backers of the convention of the states, which is the same thing.”

Andy Schlafly agreed.

“All six of the Gang were strident anti-Trumpers,” Schlafly said, “and most of them stayed that way throughout the year.”

“But they eventually realized that issue wasn't helping them with Eagle Forum membership, so they switched to trying unfairly to demonize Ed Martin,” Schlafly said.

“But membership overwhelmingly supports Ed Martin, so that hasn't helped the Gang of 6 either,” he said.

Cori said her organization intends to move forward with its agenda items, and believes “we are in a very strong position legally going forward.”
Her main agenda was to try to attract anti-Trump Schlafly Eagle followers, and to use lawsuits to seize bank accounts. All she really has to show for her work is that "very strong position legally" to seize the Eagle Forum C4 bank accounts.

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