Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump is the most honest President

It is funny how some people are always complaining about President Trump lying, while others say that his problem is that he is much too candid and truthful:
In fact, the “liar president,” as his opponents would have it, might just be the most pathologically unsecretive — dare I say, honest — president we’ve seen yet. ...

In a town of snakes and double-agents, the president’s extreme emotional transparency would be admirable, a sign of vulnerability, sincerity, guilelessness—that is, if it weren’t so self-incriminating. ...

No, Trump could not prevaricate. Evidently, the president dies in darkness. And it wasn’t even under interrogation lights that he gave up the truth. He volunteered it. I chopped down the cherry tree, Lester Holt!
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