Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mueller tries to please the Trump-haters

It is amazing that anyone ever took special counsel Robert Mueller seriously. He has now made his final statement as special counsel:
I do not believe it is appropriate for me to speak further about the investigation or to comment on the actions of the Justice Department or Congress. And it's for that reason, I will not be taking questions today, as well. ...

there were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election, and that allegation deserves the attention of every American.
So every American needs to know about this, but he is refusing to testify!

He is clear that the "allegation" refers to a grand jury allegation that is not expected to ever see open court. Mueller and his team are refusing to say whether or not they agree with the allegation.

And what is that grand jury allegation? Mueller uses passive voice, so it is a little vague, but it is mainly that WikiLeaks timed its email releases to embarrass Hillary Clinton.

Yes, that was obvious to everyone in 2016. Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton are known to hate each other. He said that he expected her to win the election, and wanted to expose her misdeeds.

We still need to know how this was turned into a coup attempt against President Donald Trump.
And as set forth in the report, after that investigation if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so.

We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.
So Mueller has no opinion about whether the president did or did not commit a crime, except that he did not have confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime.

Okay, so Mueller spent 2 years and $50M looking for evidence of the president committing a crime, and did not find any, but is still not confident that the president clearly did not commit a crime.

Keep in mind that the Mueller report took an absurdly broad view of what can be considered obstruction of justice. For example, Mueller says it is a crime to conceal information from investigators, even if that information does not relate to any illegal activity. He also says it might be a crime to tweet that the investigation is a witch-hunt.

It is funny how Mueller goes out of his way to say that "Russian intelligence officers ... presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty", but he refuses to say the same about the American President.

This Mueller statement had nothing new.

Yes, President Trump was exonerated, even if Mueller prefers to state it differently.

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