Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lawsuit slanders Phyllis Schlafly

I mentioned the lawsuit by Anne Schlafly Cori to get a bigger share of the Phyllis Schlafly estate, but is not the only one. Cori and five other ex-Eagles had also sued to take over Eagle Forum c4 from Phyllis Schlafly while she was still alive, and they have now amended the lawsuit to say:
12, 205. At all times relevant hereto, Phyllis Schlafly lacked the capacity to understand and appreciate the nature and extent of her actions and/or her actions were the product of manipulation and undue influence perpetrated by John Schlafly, Andy Schlafly, Martin, Sullivan and others.
The evidence for this, they say, is that she endorsed Donald Trump, and she once forgot the name of a doctor with whom she had an appointment.

No, she was not manipulated by anyone.

I thought that Cori's group mainly wanted to raid the money that Phyllis Schlafly raised, but now their motives are shown to be much darker. They want to claim to be the bearers of the Phyllis Schlafly legacy, but they also want to discredit what she stood for.

Why do they want to claim the legacy of someone they disparage so much?

I am stunned that they would have the nerve to complain that Phyllis Schlafly violated her "duty of care and loyalty" to the "Majority Directors", by "undertaking a campaign to defame, malign and disparage" them! [para 201-202]

She was much too loyal to them, and did not disparage them enough, considering the terrible ways they double-crossed and badmouthed her.

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