Saturday, August 26, 2017

Men's site praises Phyllis

Return of Kings is a web site for men with a variety of commentary. Some of it is self-emprovement, some of it is political, and some covers other topics. It is distinctly anti-feminist and politically incorrect. Here is a recent essay:
I endorse Roosh’s polemic against educating women beyond high school. Ask yourself a simple question next time you see a university girl: would her time be better spent studying and preparing for a job, or should she spend it as a mother and homemaker, hence allowing a suitable man to take her place at work? In 99% of cases, the answer is the latter; a girl fulfills her comparative advantage at home. ...

It is, nonetheless, instructive to focus on the One Percenter woman: that rare bird who attains masculine heights of greatness, but only at great cost.

To make my case, I focus on four brilliant women: Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia, Phyllis Schlafly, and Marie Curie. I choose these women on purpose, for they are truly exceptional.
The article goes on to praise these four women.

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